Suggested Projects Pt 1

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Good Day,
I have added some suggested projects for feedback attached. Looking forward to discussing everyone's suggestions as we narrow down to 3 or so active projects.

Jennifer G.

First 3:
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_1.png
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_1.png (73.43 KiB) Viewed 112 times
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_2.png
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_2.png (48.3 KiB) Viewed 112 times
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_3.png
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_3.png (63.5 KiB) Viewed 112 times
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Here's the remainder parts of document
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_4.png
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_4.png (57.51 KiB) Viewed 111 times
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_5.png
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_5.png (55.12 KiB) Viewed 111 times
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_6.png
US Summit project samples_JennGillyard_Page_6.png (57.67 KiB) Viewed 111 times
And here are some reference links:
Links for References

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Education and Police Accountability & Removing Corruption; Rule of Law
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9. Curbing Corruption in Education:
10. Police, Schools and Crime Prevention: ... 68-eng.pdf
11. European Union Agency for Law Enforcement: ... corruption
12. The Global Anti-Corruption Blog: Education ... o-do-list/

Building Technological Tools for Local Transparency
13. mySociety:

Human Rights
14. US Global Magnitsky Act: ... nitsky-act
15. COVID-19 response to refugees: ... -covid-19/
16. Human Rights First on Detaining Refugees: ... es-project
17. Human Rights Orgs: ... ental.html

Participation in Accountability Using Technology
18. Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP):
19. Open Corporates:
20. Reduce Corruption w/ Technology Methods: ... corruption

Fighting Corruption:
21. Ways to Fight Corruption Methods: ... corruption
22. Anticorruption Database:
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