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National Hubs: Anti-corruption

The National Anti-Corruption Hubs will provide an opportunity for the promotion of self-managed national spaces (hubs) that to help share and strengthen the capability of civil society and social actors for effective participation, monitoring, and advocacy within the Lima Commitment monitoring and implementation process.

Within the framework of this initiative and through the Summits Virtual Community (SVC), the Summits Secretariat is pleased to welcome you to the Virtual Forum of the National Anti-corruption Hubs in Trinidad and Tobago.

The virtual forum is a space where it is expected that each hub can coordinate their work, as well as present their initiatives and good practices in the area of prevention and the fight against corruption, among other efforts, thus contributing to the Mechanism for Follow-up and Implementation of the Lima Commitment.

For the Summits Secretariat is an honor to count on the participation of civil society representatives and social actors of the Americas in the follow-up and implementation phase of the VIII Summit of the Americas. Their voice in the process is essential, especially in light of the current context.


Sat May 09, 2020 4:20 pm

Hi Amin,

It is a pleasure to have this open forum for Civil Society to present their activities as a key to best practice in the Americas. :D
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Thanks for the warm welcome. Don't where my earlier response went.
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