VIII Summit of the Americas "Democratic Governance against Corruption"

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VIII Summit of the Americas "Democratic Governance against Corruption"

Subtheme 1: Democratic Governance and Corruption

•    How is corruption reflected in your country and what are the consequences?

•    Does your government have mechanisms which provide free and transparent access to public information? If that is not the case, what mechanisms would you suggest to improve access to public information?

•    Do you feel that citizen participation in your country has decreased in the past few years? If so, what factors do you believe have contributed to this?

Subtheme 2: Corruption and Sustainable Development

•    How do you think corruption affects your ability to enjoy your inherent human rights in your country? What strategies do you think the government should implement to resolve this issue?

Subtheme 3: Corruption, International Institutions, and Public-Private Partnerships

•    Do you feel that governments and the private sector can consolidate strategic partnerships to fight corruption? How?

•    Do you know of any institutions that fight corruption in your country? Do you consider these institutions effective? What measures could be implemented to improve them?

Participants should respect the diversity of opinions and refrain from actions that incite physical or verbal violence, or disrupt the order in civil society activities.