Hemispheric Networks and Platforms for Police Information Exchange

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Hemispheric Networks and Platforms for Police Information Exchange
  1. How does your organization exchange information with its counterparts, beneficiaries, and public security institutions?
  2. How can public security institutions improve their mechanisms for information exchange with civil society?
  3. Has your organization used any technological resource as a platform or network for information exchange with public security institutions?
  4. Does your organization carry out any systematic exchange of information with police institutions? Under what modality?
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Hello! Please remember that we have three parallel sessions – this is one of them, but there are two others in which we have posted questions to help guide your reflection of the issues and also your contributions to the forum. If possible, we would very much like it if you could, prior to posting your first comment, briefly introduce the civil organization you represent, its mission and objectives. This will help us get to know each other a bit better and anchor our discussion.

We look forward to your participation.