Strategic Vision of the OAS

The OAS Member States are devoted to defining the Strategic Vision of the OAS. For this, they have created a working group to advance on this definition and they have considered it important to have the input of civil society in this process.

To generate this input, a virtual forum will be held from November 7-15, 2013 to allow registered civil society organizations and social actors to participate in a dialogue that contributes to the definition by Member States on the Strategic Vision of the OAS.

The virtual forum will be moderated by a representative from civil society and social actors with broad knowledge of the OAS and the Inter-American system.

Once the virtual forum concludes, the moderator will prepare a report of the key conclusions and recommendations arising from this debate.  This report will be presented by the moderator to the Working Group, along with the results of the survey, so that Member States can consider this input when defining the strategic vision of the organization.



*Participation in this forum is limited exclusively to the civil society organizations and other social actors registered with the Organization of American States (OAS).