Debate 1: Responsible Use of Technology: Democracy & Privacy in a Modern World

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Debate 1: Responsible Use of Technology: Democracy & Privacy in a Modern World

Today’s technological advances have transformed our lives by making the world smaller.  Information is readily available, allowing us to react almost instantaneously.  This discussion will focus on how fast and easy access to information has transformed the way young people interact on a personal and political level.

Some questions to think about:

  • Technology is often used to facilitate & support freedom of speech. Is this good or bad?
  • Has the use of technology been positive or negative in the promotion of democracy, good governance and positive relations?
  • Is there a right to privacy when using technology and social media?
  • How do you feel about anonymous posts in your country or in your particular environment?
  • How could ICTs be used by young people to generate collective action and transform the realities of their communities?
  • How could the use of ICTs by young people contribute to strengthening a democratic culture in the Americas?

Comments & Questions

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Thanks for joining us!

Welcome to the "OAS Youth Conference of the Americas 2013: Youth in Action!"

Thank you for taking part in this discussion "Responsible Use of Technology: Democracy and Privacy in a Modern World!  My name is Mariette Vidal and I look forward to exploring this topic with you over the next month or so.

Social media has become the main way that many people receive their news.  How do you think social media is affecting the way we process information individually and collectively?

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